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Posted: 10/05/2022

On 10 May 2022 a new Parliamentary session was opened with the State Opening of Parliament. The Queen was unable to attend who was represented by the Prince of Wales. 

The process starts when MPs assemble in the House of Commons Chamber waiting for a message to be "summoned" by Black Rod.  Black Rod processes from

Posted: 07/05/2022

Darlaston won the Playoff Final 2-1 on Saturday 7 May 2022 with an outstanding goal in the 96th minute, winning promotion to the Midland League Premier Division. I was at the exciting game against Stapenhill to see Darlaston go up alongside 500 other supporters.
The family of former Darlaston striker Leon Taylor were in the crowd

Posted: 03/05/2022

Darlaston Town 1874 FC played Dudley Town in a crucial match in the Midland League Division One Playoff Semi-Final on Tuesday 3 May 2022. It was a fantastic performance by Darlaston, who remained in control throughout the game winning 4-0. There was a great turnout by fans of both sides with a record-breaking attendance of

Posted: 28/04/2022

The House of Commons was prorogued on Thursday 28 April 2022, ending the Parliamentary session. During prorogation, the House will not be sitting, meaning that no debates will be held and no Questions can be tabled until the start of the new session.

Black Rod summoned the Commons to hear the Acts which have passed into law

Posted: 27/04/2022

On Monday 17 January 2022 I spoke at the Report Stage of the Elections Bill. I called on the Government to pause the legislation and reconsider provisions to dictate the priorities of the Electoral Commission, introduce mandatory photo ID to vote and further regulation of ‘joint campaigning’ by third party organisations and political parties. It is

Posted: 27/04/2022

The Environmental Audit Committee held the second session of our inquiry into "Green Steel" on Wednesday 27 April 2022. We interviewed a panel of industry experts about progress towards decarbonising the steel industry, and what policy and financial support will be needed to continue this process.

Steel is responsible for between 7% and 9% of carbon

Posted: 27/04/2022

I attended a Grassroots Football event in Parliament on 27 April 2022 hosted by the Football Foundation. I signed up to the Local Football Facility Plan for Walsall. The event was attended by Chris Hughton, former Tottenham Hotspur player and manager of Brighton and Hove Albion, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Birmingham City and Nottingham Forest.

The Football

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Remembrance Sunday – Town Centre Cenotaph

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