Parking Charges for WHG tenants

Many constituents who are WHG tenants contacted me to say they had received demands for substantial increases in the fees charged for garages and car parking spaces. These increases have been imposed at very short notice, giving my constituents little time to be able to find the money to pay. In some cases, annual charges have increased by 300% or by as much as £90.


My constituents said that they have not been able to get answers from WHG about the reasons for this sudden increase and that they are unaware of any consultation having taken place with tenants.


I have written to Gary Fulford, Chief Executive of WHG, to ask for this increase to be withdrawn. My constituents who are WHG tenants should not be penalised in this way.


In my letter I set out that some of the constituents who contacted me have no option but to use the garages or parking spaces provided by WHG. For those living near to Walsall Town Centre, in particular, there is no on-street parking available near to their homes. I hope WHG will now withdraw the planned increases in fees.