Valerie asks the Health Secretary if he will negotiate with BMA

On Monday 25 April 2016, ahead of the 48-hour Junior Doctors Strike, I asked the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt:


Valerie Vaz MP: In his statement, the Secretary of State said that this was “in our manifesto”. This is about ideology, not about the NHS. If he cares about the NHS, will he hear the will of the House, contact the BMA straight after this statement and negotiate?


Jeremy Hunt: If by “ideology”, the hon. Lady means a commitment to make the NHS the safest, highest quality health care system in the world, I plead guilty to ideology. That is the NHS that I want, and that means a seven-day NHS in which we do not have higher mortality rates for people admitted at weekends. There was a time when the Labour party would have been prepared to take tough and difficult decisions to make things better for patients, but that day has passed.