Valerie raises student voter registration

On 9th June 2016, I intervened on Wayne David MP (Labour MP for Caerphilly) in the Chamber on the approval of the draft European Union Referendum (Voter Registration) Regulations 2016 amid concerns over the crash of the online registration system.


I asked:Is it not the case that students who are registering at this time may have been preoccupied with exams and graduation? Is it not wholly reasonable, therefore, if the system has crashed, for the Government to do something about it and extend the time for registration? ?”


In a second intervention during the Chamber debate in relation to double voter registrations.


The opposition asked the Chamber whether “there is a danger for students who will be doubly registered both at home address and place of learning”. I intervened: “With the change to individual registration that has not been possible, the figures are that 1 million young people have fallen off the register so it is not a case of registering twice it’s not registering at all”.


With the EU referendum approaching I wanted to address the importance of the student vote.


If you would like to know why I am voting REMAIN in the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016 visit this link: