22 May 2014: Local and European Elections

On Thursday 22 May 2014, 20 Walsall Council seats were contested as well as the European elections.

Valerie said:

“This year in Walsall there were local elections with one third of the Council up for re-election. The results for Walsall MBC were; Labour: 30 seats, Conservatives: 21, Lib Dem: 3, UKIP: 3, Independent: 2, Democratic Labour: 1. The Council is in no overall control but the Labour Group is the largest and will be in ‘formal administration’. The Mayor-Elect, Cllr Pete Smith takes over from Cllr Mo Nazir after the Annual Council Meeting.”

“There was some sad news on the morning of Saturday 24 May 2014, Cllr Tim Oliver Leader of the Labour Group passed away. Tim was an incredible public servant, giving his life to the community at Palfrey Community Association and on the Council. His experience will be missed. At least Tim lived to see the Labour Group win the most seats and the possibility of control of the Council. My thoughts are with his family and his friends and colleagues.”



Links: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/events/vote2014/eu-uk-results