Valerie appears on BBC Sunday Politics West Midlands

On Sunday 18 December, I appeared on BBC West Midlands Sunday Politics. The other guest was Jeremy Wright, MP for Kenilworth and Southam. 

The programme started with a discussion on the nurses strikes. I pointed out the importance of valuing the public workers who protected us through the pandemic. The Government have shown a reluctance to sit around the table and talk with nurses, at a time where it is clear an agreement must be reached.

The discussion then moved onto the issue of asylum seekers being housed in hotels. This is a situation borne out of the Conservative Government’s incompetence. Nearly 45,000 people have crossed the channel this year, yet nearly 150,000 people are waiting for a decision on their asylum claim, with only 2% of claims processed. The other 98% are placed in hotels, costing around £5.5 million a day.       

We also discussed Free School Meals. You can watch back the show using the following link: BBC One – Politics Midlands, 18/12/2022