All Party Parliamentary Group on Music

The APPG on Music held a meeting on 13 September, with MPs, Peers and industry figures in Portcullis House and were presented with the Music Manifesto which the APPG was informed would be presented to all the Party’s Conferences in the Autumn. 

UK Music’s Interim Chief Executive Tom Kiehl and Policy and Campaign Officer Dougie Brown presented UK Music’s A Manifesto for Music at the meeting which has been developed over a number of months following consultation with stakeholders across the music industry, as well as music fans. This comprehensive document supported by the APPG showcases the medium to long-term music strategy for growth.

The Manifesto’s 10 objectives for the current and the next Government are:

  1. Encourage Responsible AI
  2. Safeguard Copyright and Intellectual Property
  3. Boost Music Exports
  4. Supercharge Sector Growth
  5. Protect Music Spaces
  6. Improve Music Education
  7. Progress Diversity and Inclusion
  8. Enhance Freelancer Productions
  9. Support Public Service Broadcasting
  10. Utilise Music to Benefit Society

At the meeting I asked for an update about what musicians are facing touring Europe as we had heard in the Classical sector of the difficulties of touring in different countries in the European Union. I was told that it is very difficult as there are many forms musicians have to complete and require visas for all the countries as well as for the origin of their instruments. These are the same issues orchestras are facing.   

And the five key issues that need to be addressed immediately are : 

  1. Ensure artificial intelligence (AI) supports human artistry through strong copyright standards, clear labelling and record keeping requirements, and protections for the personality rights of music makers.
  2. Fix the European touring crisis by securing a Cultural Touring Agreement with the EU.
  3. Introduce a tax credit to encourage new UK music production.
  4. Invest millions more in music education and recruit 1,000 more music teachers.
  5. Secure a fair deal for music lovers by ending rip-off secondary ticketing practices.

There are a number of other measures that UK Music is promoting in the manifesto to boost music exports, protect music spaces and progress diversity and inclusion. You can view the manifesto by clicking here. The UK’s music sector is world-leading and it has significant growth potential. The UK are the world’s second-largest music exporter, home to iconic global festivals and venues, and boast some of the most well-known and sought-after musicians working today. However, there is increasing global competition vying for a share of this market. Without the actions set out in the manifesto, the UK risks being overtaken by countries that are more proactive and ambitious in promoting and supporting their music sectors.