Amendment to Coronavirus Bill on Cremations and Burials

There have been concerns raised by some  of our communities at the power in this Bill to deal with bodies whilst respecting the religious traditions.  I am supporting and have signed this amendment:

” SCHEDULE 27 – PART 2 IN RELATION TO Disapplication of legislation relating to deceased’s wishes

Insert 5(d):
“In respect of sub-paragraphs 5 (a), (b), (c) where a deceased is to be cremated and it goes against their religious belief the designated authority must consult the next of kin or Power of Attorney or the relevant local faith institution in so far as reasonably possible to find a suitable alternative before proceeding with the cremation”

In Paragraph 6 (1), INSERT: “having had due regard to paragraph 5(d) of this Part”

Explanatory notes: Only in unprecedented circumstances, these clauses may be needed as the local authority has capacity issues and therefore the next of Kin, Power of Attorney or local faith institutions i.e. Church, Mosque, Synagogue can support in providing the relevant support, in order to respect an individual’s wishes.”

I hope there will be no need to divide the House on this aspect of the legislation and that the Government will accept this amendment.