Blue Coat Primary School

I visited Blue Coat Primary School on Friday 21 April 2023. I asked the Head Mr Orlik if he would discuss with the School Council a topic and draft a motion to debate and I would act as the Speaker, the moderator of the Debate. The motion debated was “Should there be Free School meals for all pupils.” The debate was opened by a proposer and a seconder and then responded to by the opposer and a seconder against the motion. The debate was opened up to the floor and a number of pupils made contributions. The standard of debate was excellent. I then showed the pupils how we voted in the Commons. The Ayes to the Right and the Noes to the left. The pupils voted by passing the tellers who counted the votes and announced it to me. It seems the Ayes have it. it was very interesting listening to the arguments for and against the motion. I suggested they may like to switch sides in the debate. 


I brought a gift to the Pupils which we placed in the Library. It was a model of the Houses of Parliament. I explained the work of an MP and was asked what I had achieved. I told the children that I first started the campaign for a 20 mph zone around schools which has been put into effect.  

Here is the link to Blue Coat Primary School: Junior School Home – Blue Coat Federation