Buses on Stafford Road, Darlaston

On the 29th May 2015 I visited Stafford Road to see the problems caused by the introduction of two new bus routes. Residents have told me that buses have had to reverse out of the road because there is not enough room for them to pass each other. Residents have also said that the buses make a lot of noise as they pass over speed humps and create vibrations in their homes. The two new routes were introduced without consultation and residents were only aware when the signs went up that the buses were going to stop at the bus stops. This was in April during the General Election.

I have arranged a meeting for residents of Stafford Road in Darlaston to take place later this month with representatives of Centro and National Express West Midlands so they can hear residents’ views.

Stafford Road is a relatively narrow residential street and there are now 4 major bus routes using the road. Residents and I are astonished because at a previous meeting I arranged in September 2013 Centro agreed to take steps to reduce the number of buses running on the road. Centro arranged with Arriva West Midlands to divert the 327 service and replace it with the 310 which calls at the end of Stafford Road. Centro and National Express must now honour this agreement. This road is not big enough for double decker buses.