Celebrate National Parks this Summer with a visit.

National Parks were created by the Labour Government in 1949. Each National Park is run by its own National Park Authority, which receives a grant from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). The funding for each park is based on its size, habitats and other factors. This grant has been cut in real terms by 36% since 2010.

National Parks in England and Wales recieve 90 million visitors every year. Over 50% of people in England live within 1 hour of a National Park. 90% of people say that National Parks are important to them. Moreover, rural business in National Parks generates over £10bn in annual turnover, and supports 68,000 jobs. It was created so people could have access to open spaces and to protect the environment.

In Walsall South we are lucky to be within easy reach of the Peak District, which is only around an hour away and has many opportunities for walking and other outdoor pursuits. Similarly protecting the Green Belt around Walsall is vital and is increasingly at risk from development. It is easy to take the countryside within Walsall South for granted, but there are 11 farms within the constituency.

The Ramblers Association for Walsall can be contacted via their website : www.walsallramblers.co.uk there is a diary of walks and they have launched the Pathwatch.