Centro listens to residents of Stafford Road

Valerie organised a meeting with representatives of Centro Babs Coombes and National Express West Midlands, Jack Kelly and residents of Stafford Road, Darlaston on Friday 13 September 2013. Centro has written to Valerie to say that the 327 service will now be diverted away from Stafford Road.

Valerie said:

” I would like to thank Babs Coombes and Jack Kelly of Centro and National Express respectively for attending the meeting and listening to the residents concerens. I am delighted that Centro has found a solution and has worked with Arriva to divert the 327 service. This is excellent news.”

“Residents want buses and need their bus services but the residents of Stafford Road have had to endure the disruption of numerous buses passing their homes every hour. Given that Stafford Road is a narrow residential street, this was very disruptive for the residents.”

“The decision by Centro and Arriva to re-route the 327 from Stafford Road will significantly reduce the number of buses using Stafford Road without cutting off the service for people in the area who need to be able to access bus services and bus stops.”

“Centro has also said that it will ask bus operators to avoid running out of service buses along Stafford Road and that it will liaise with Walsall MBC with a view to moving the existing bus stops to a better position.”