CPA Conference

The 62nd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference was held in London from 11- 17 December 2016. The picture shows the UK delegation ( l) Dr Rupa Huq MP, and (r) Baroness Berridge.


On Friday 17 December 2016 I attended the meeting of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians and we had an election for the Chair of the CWP.


The candidates were Joyce Watson, Am Wales U.K., Poto Williams MP New Zealand; Hon Noraini Nintendo Ahmad MP Malaysia, and Hon Linda Reid MLA British Columbia Canada. After the ballot the new chair elected was Noraini Ahmed MP. The results were: Noraini Ahmed: 53 ; Joyce Watson: 15 ; Poto Williams: 10 ; Linda Reid: 9


The Conference held sessions on the role of the Commonwealth in supporting the outcomes of the COP 21 Paris agreement on climate change and the commonwealth initiative for freedom of religion and belief.


Valerie Vaz MP