Darlaston Road Crossing Success

On Wednesday 1 April 2015 Valerie stopped off at the upgraded Darlaston Road crossing with residents.

Valerie said:

“After a three year campaign with local residents I am delighted that Walsall MBC finally made the decision to upgrade the existing Zebra Crossing on Darlaston Road to a signal conntrolled Puffin Crossing.”

“I was contacted by local residents in the Autumn 2011 after a series of incidents, including a four year old boy being hit by a car. Drivers tend to travel quickly along this busy road and with a large number of parked cars this means that visibility can be limited for both drivers and pedestrians. Given the incidents the Zebra crossing was not sufficient to protect pedestrians.”

“I raised the matter of the dangerous Zebra Crossing at Darlaston Road at Business Questions in the House of Commons on Thursday 5 July 2012. I asked the Leader of the House of Commons for an urgent debate on accessing funds for upgrading dangerous crossings. “I presented a petition of over 300 names to Parliament.”

“The Government responded that it is for Walsall MBC to decide whether to upgrade the Crossing and that it is unable to provide additional funding to Walsall MBC for this purpose.”

“In November 2012 I raised this issue again in Business Questions. The Leader of the House of Commons replied that he would raise the issue with his colleagues in the Department for Transport.”

“During a Pre-Recess Adjournment debate in July 2014 I again raised the campaigning for a signal controlled crossing on Darlaston Road. I asked the Deputy Leader of the House to ask ministers to issue proper guidance on local authority consultations.”

“In December 2014 Walsall MBC made the decision to upgrade the existing Zebra Crossing on Darlaston Road to a signal controlled Puffin Crossing following a 3 year campaign with residents.”

“Local people will now be much safer crossing Darlaston Road and will no longer be in doubt that vehicles will stop when they step onto the Crossing.This outcome shows what can be done when we work together and persevere.”