Darlaston Town 1874 FC Family Fun Day

I attended the Darlaston Town FC Family Fun Day on Saturday 11 July 2015.

Darlaston 1874 FC are now firmly embedded in their new football home at Bentley Leisure Pavilion. The Family Fun Day took place in brilliant sunshine. Lots of people turned out to enjoy the stalls and prizes.

Neil Chambers, the Club’s Chairman, and his team have done a wonderful job of organising the event and many supporters enjoyed the home cooked food. There were displays of dancing from a young girls dance troop  and a time trial for dogs. There were mock  sword fights with knights in their chain mail preying on victims.   And I got to meet the new Darlaston 1874 FC mascot – currently called Brian.

The season ahead is looking very exciting and the pitch  was fenced off ready for the friendly later that evening. Councillor Rose Burley, Councillor Keith Chambers and Councillor Angela Underhill who represent Bentley and Darlaston North were all active on their stalls.

More information on Darlaston Town FC is available here.