Debate on Yemen

On Thursday 24 September 2020, Parliament held a debate on the situation in Yemen. This was the result of a public petition signed by over 210,000 people across the UK, including 638 people in Walsall South. The petition called for a ceasefire for all sides in Yemen to carry out humanitarian aid.

Yemen is the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis, with 2 million acutely malnourished children, 4.3 million people forced from their homes and 80% of the population of Yemen needing humanitarian assistance. We are seeing a terrible civil war made worse by Yemen becoming an arena for international competition between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This terrible situation is now becoming much worse because of covid-19.

Yemen is being ripped apart by civil war and many people believe it is unlikely that any side will have an outright victory. What is urgently needed now is a meaningful ceasefire, followed by negotiations which lead to a lasting peace.

You can read the debate in full here.