Defence Questions

On Monday 8 January 2024 during Defence Questions, I asked the Secretary of State for Defence Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP a question: “Will the Ukraine Action Plan 2023 ever be published? Better still, will there be a Ukraine Action Plan 2024? And when will that be published?”

The Secretary of State said: “We work hand in glove with the Ukrainian Government to make sure that the action plan is one that can win the war. We have seen huge progress, in particular, in Crimea and the Black Sea, and we look forward, throughout the House, to further progress in 2024 for our brave Ukrainian friends.”

The Secretary of State did not answer the question of when he will publish the Ukraine Action Plan 2023. In August 2023 the then Defence Secretary Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP said he would publish the Action Plan for Ukraine in 2023. 

On Tuesday 19 December 2023, following the Minister for Defence Procurement’s statement on Ukraine, I asked the Minister: “Will the Ukraine Action Plan 2023 be published before the end of the year?”. The Minister did not answer the question and did not say when the action plan would be published or whether it would be published at all.