Valerie raises the firebomb attack in halal butchers in Pleck

I was shocked to hear that Kashmir Meat & Poultry on Wednesbury Road Pleck, was attacked with an incendiary device on Monday 27 June 2016. It is alarming that hate crimes haven risen 57% nationally, following the result of the EU referendum.

I have offered my support to the owners of Kashmir Meat & Poultry at this difficult time for them and raised this in the House of Commons at the Statement on Hate Crime on Wednesday 29 June 2016.


Valerie Vaz MP: On Monday, an incendiary device was thrown into a halal butchers shop in Wednesbury Road, Pleck, in my constituency—there is a photograph in The Guardian today of the inside of the shop. Will the Minister confirm how much extra funding will be available for local police forces so that they can investigate and tackle such crimes?


Karen Bradley MP: That is another shocking example. I dread to think how many hon. Members know anecdotally, but not just anecdotally, of that type of incident. I hope it has been reported and I look forward to hearing from the hon. Lady about the outcome. Perhaps we can come back to funding and so on when the hate crime action plan has been published.