Driving Instructors Bill

I sat  as a member of the Driving Instructors (Registration) Bill Committee on 1 March 2016 . This Bill was introduced by Sir David Amess MP.



The Bill provides for two deregulatory measures to simplify the registration of driving instructors. The first allows a driving instructor to request voluntary removal from the register of driving instructors. The second simplifies the process for rejoining the register where a person’s registration has lapsed.



All driving instructors in the UK must be registered, meaning they have passed tests in driving theory, driving ability and instructional skill. This new Bill, which is part of the ‘Modernising Driver Training’ consultation by the DVSA, simplifies the process of registration after registration has lapsed, and allows voluntary removal from the register. The proposals received 89% and 86% agreement from the consultees.



Driving instructors wishing to rejoin the register within four years after their registration has lapsed will now be required to pass a ‘standards check’ rather than full requalification.


The next stage in the Bill’s progress is the Report stage on 4 March 2016.

Driving instructors wishing to be removed from the register may now voluntarily be, rather than being removed only if registration runs out, or for reasons of conduct, competence or safety, as is currently the case.