Energy Bill [Lords]

On Tuesday, 5 September 2023, the House debated the amendments made by the Opposition to the Energy Bill [Lords]. There were 5  votes for the Opposition’s amendments. The Bill makes provisions about energy production and security and the regulation of the energy market, including provisions about the licensing of carbon dioxide transport and storage; about commercial arrangements for carbon capture and storage and for hydrogen production and transportation; about new technology, including low-carbon heat schemes and hydrogen grid trials, etc. The 5 amendments which were voted down by the Government are:

Ayes: 192  Nos: 316 New Clause 12 negatived (lost) 

Ayes  235  Noes 306 – New Clause 39 negatived.

Ayes  188  Noes 310 New Clause 57 negatived.

Ayes: 223  Noes 310 New Clause 59 negatived.

Ayes 189   Noes 305 New Clause 61 negatived.

The Bill passed its Third reading 280 to 19. I abstained on that vote.