EU Referendum 23 June 2016: Register to vote by 7 June 2016

The EU referendum will be held on the 23 June 2016 and if you are not on the register you can still register to vote by 7 June 2016.


Our membership in the EU offers us a range of benefits from high quality goods and services, shared cross-boarder security and intelligence and access to the worlds largest jobs and trade market. I do not consider the UK should be isolated from the decisions that take place in Europe. However in my view there as to be discussion about what a new Europe looks like including finding one place where the EU meets rather than moving from Brussells with other meetings taking place in Luxemboug.


The EU has over 500 million consumers and is currently our largest trading partner accounting for almost 50 percent of our trade. This means that approximately 3-4 million jobs in the UK are linked to our trade with the EU. Leaving the EU may put millions of jobs at risk. Our membership also gives us preferential access to over 50 countries around the world and the EU is in the process of negotiating trade deals with the US, Japan and Canada. It may take years to re-negotiate these deals. Action on tax evasion can only be dealt with if all member states work together.


The right to free movement has been a fundamental feature of EU law since we joined the EEC in 1973, giving EU nationals the right to work and study abroad. The UK benefit substantially from this arrangement. EU migrants contribute more to the UK in taxes than they claim in benefits and both the OECD and the UK’s Office for Budget Responsibility consider that immigration helps address kill shortages and the consequences of an ageing population. Our economic stability and the delivery of various services which we all rely on. However we do need to be clear how many people are entering and leaving. Governments cannot plan unless they know this information. And any new workers that come in cannot undercut the wages of the local workers.


As a member of the EU we benefit from cheaper high quality consumer goods. Leaving the EU would mean that your average weekly shop would be more expensive. According to research by the London School of Economics, leaving the EU would cost the average households at least £850 a year.


Our membership in the EU also means that we can feel safer and better prepared for challenges to our security. The UK’s police force benefit form the ability to share information and intelligence on terrorism, cybercriminals, stolen goods and missing persons in real time through Europool. Membership allows us to face cross-boarder challenges together. We face various challenges from migration, a more assertive Russia, or terrorism, the UK is better able to meet these concerns with our neighbours.


Remaining in the EU means more job opportunities, household savings, peace and security and that is why I am voting to Remain.


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