European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill: Lords Amendments

On Monday evening I voted in favour of the two amendments agreed in the House of Lords to the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill. These amendments were:

1) Guarantee the legal status of EU citizens resident in the UK before negotiations begin
2) Ensure that there is a meaningful vote in Parliament on the final draft Brexit deal

HM Opposition Labour Party tabled and voted for very similar amendments at the Commons Committee Stage of the Bill and Labour Peers both led and helped pass these amendments in the House of Lords which is why I voted to fully support these amendments.

Unfortunately the two Lords amendments were defeated in the House of Commons:

1) On EU nationals: Ayes: 335 Noes: 287
2) Meaningful vote: Ayes: 331 Noes: 286

It is disappointing that the Prime Minister chose to ignore Labour’s amendments. The Bill has now completed its passage through Parliament and will proceed to Royal Assent. When it does so, the PM will be able to invoke Article 50. No. 10 has suggested this will not happen until the end of March. It could, however, happen in the next few days.


HM Opposition Labour Party will argue for the best possible Brexit deal – one that prioritises jobs and the economy and leads to no changes to all EU-derived rights, including workplace rights and environmental protections.