European Union Withdrawal Bill Committee Stage – Day 6

On Tuesday 12 December 2017 the sixth day of the Committee of the Whole House for the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill took place. A Committee of the Whole House takes place in the House of Commons Chamber and is presided over by the chairman of the Ways and Means committee.

In a series of votes, Labour voted for amendments which would establish new environmental standards and protections, adapt the body of EU law to fit the UK’s domestic framework, protect the devolution of Scotland and Wales and prevent the Government from using delegated powers to reduce rights or protections. These were all voted against by the Government. Labour’s frontbench abstained from a Liberal Democrats amendment that intended to prevent the regulation-making powers being used to create barriers to the UK’s continued membership of the single market.”

In the first six days of committee days for the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill , Conservative MPs voted down Labour’s amendments to protect workers’ rights, safeguard environmental and animal welfare standards, to legislate for strong transitional arrangements, to protect the devolution settlement, ensure there is proper scrutiny and accountability of any EU ‘divorce bill’ and to bring the Charter of Fundamental Rights into UK law.

This Bill is not about whether Britain leaves the EU. Labour respect the referendum result and recognise Britain is leaving the EU. Instead Labour is fighting for a deal that protects jobs, the economy and rights.

In its current form, the Bill would put huge and unaccountable power into the hands of government ministers, side-line Parliament on key decisions and put crucial rights and protections at risk. Far from bringing back control to Parliament, it would result in a power-grab for the government.

In the remaining days of debate, Labour’s amendments cover a number of issues including removing the widest use of ‘Henry VIII’ powers from the Bill and legislating for a meaningful vote on the withdrawal agreement.

Further Information on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill can be found here.

“A Bill to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and make other provision in connection with the withdrawal of the United Kingdom f