European Union Withdrawal Bill Committee Stage – Day 8

On Wednesday 20 December 2017 the House debated the eighth and final day of the Committee stage of the EU Bill which is a Committee of the Whole House. A Committee of the Whole House takes place in the House of Commons Chamber and is presided over by the Chairman of the Ways and Means. This provides an opportunity for members to take part in the debate.

On the final day, the Government has had to concede its position to have a fixed date for leaving the EU.

An amendment was tabled that amended the Government’s own amendment. Whilst the date that Britain leaves the the EU is 29 March 2019, it also gives MPs the opportunity to revise the date if agreed with the other 27 EU countries and allows for flexibility if negotiations are ongoing.

The EU Withdrawal Bill will return to the House of Commons on the 16 January 2018 for the Report stage. This will be another opportunity of MPs to consider more amendments.

Further Information on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill can be found here.

“A Bill to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and make other provision in connection with the withdrawal of the United Kingdom f