Fr Gabriel Romanelli, the Holy Family Church, Gaza meets with Parliamentarians.

The Catholic Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales held a briefing for Parliamentarians with Fr Gabriel Romanelli Catholic priest of the Holy Family Parish in Gaza on Tuesday 23 April 2024.  Fr Gabriel said he has been in the Holy Land since 1995. His church is the only catholic Church. He lives in Gaza and the border was closed and remains closed. He told us how the Holy Family passed through Gaza and the Holy Land that is why it is called the Holy Family Church. There have always been Christians there who are the descendants of the first disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Fr Gabriel said there is only electricity for 4 hours. Before 2003 there were 500 trucks. The majority of the population are civilians. They are not members of any organisation. He said an 85 year old music teacher was shot. They have lost 25% of the community. They cannot leave the area without Israeli permission. Food is expensive and there is no electricity. Fr Gabriel said he thinks the figure of the number dead is higher than 30,000. The question is how to get the injured out of Gaza for surgery. We agreed we would explore ways of keeping in touch and raising these issues and supporting the Catholic and Christian community in Gaza. Fr Gabriel had our full support and good wishes.