Valerie Vaz MP welcomes the announcement of capital funding to local councils in 2017/18 to improve the productivity of local roads.

Valerie Vaz MP said:

“I have written to the Chief Executive of Walsall MBC to inform him of the Government’s recent announcement for funding for local roads. There are a number of roads which my constituents are most concerned about, and which I have consistently raised with Walsall MBC. Walstead Road/ Delves Crescent, West Bromwich Road and Old Hall Lane/ Pinfold Lane have all been raised with me by my constituents.”

“On Walstead Road and Delves Crescent, my recent questionnaire for residents helped me gain a fuller picture of the changes they want to happen on these roads. On Walstead Road, many residents want the removal of speed humps and double yellow lines, and would like the road to be a 20mph zone with radar signs installed along it.”

“Residents of Delves Crescent said that the road did not have any issues until speed bumps were placed on Walstead Road. They are in favour of blocking the crescent off, and would like a 20mph speed limit and the installation of single lane chicanes.”

“I am alarmed that in the past few weeks there has been two collisions on West Bromwich Road, and one of these was fatal. I have written to Walsall MBC to find out whether a Safety Scheme can be implemented on West Bromwich Road and to put forward the suggestion of residents to install a “Watchman” speed warning sign, which I raised in the Summer Adjournment Debate on 21 July 2016.”

“There has also been a series of collisions and incidents of cars being overturned on Old Hall Lane and Pinfold Lane. Following a recent meeting with The Beacon Heights Residents Association, I have written to Walsall MBC to outline my constituents’ concerns and to arrange a meeting with the Council.”

“I would support any application that the Council makes for the funding of safety schemes.”