Government defeated on Bill to stop a no-deal Brexit

On Tuesday 3 September 2019, HM Opposition supported the emergency debate motion to introduce the European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill, which aims to stop a no-deal Brexit.

The Bill would require the Prime Minister to seek and accept an extension of Article 50 beyond 31 October if no ratified Withdrawal Agreement has been agreed by 19 October 2019 or if the Prime Minister cannot win the support of the Commons by then to leave with no-deal.

There is no mandate for a no-deal from the referendum or from Parliament. A no-deal would cause enormous harm to jobs, living standards, our NHS, security and put peace and prosperity in Northern Ireland at risk. No-deal would open the way for the sell-off of our public services, deregulation of the economy and slashing workers’ rights and protections.

I voted in favour of the Bill and the Government was defeated by a majority of 27 (Ayes 328, Noes: 301).

On Wednesday 4 September 2019, the Government was defeated at Second reading by a majority of 29 (Ayes: 329, Noes: 300).

At Third reading of the Bill, the Government was defeated by a majority of 28 (Ayes: 327, Noes: 299).

The Bill then passed the House of Lords on Friday 6 September and received royal assent on Monday 9 September 2019.

Parliament has rejected a no-deal several times and the Government must abide by the law.