Government loses vote to undermine open elections for Speaker.

On Thursday 26 March 2015 Valerie voted against a motion by the Government to change the rules on electing Commons speaker.

Valerie said:

“This was a last minute ploy by this Government to oust Mr Speaker on personal grounds. The Government wanted a secret ballot to decide Mr Speaker’s future after the election.”

“The motion was placed on the order paper hours before it was to be debated and only an hour was allowed for debate on this matter that would change the running of the House.”

“This grubby attempt by the Government to change the rules was voted against 228 noes to 202 ayes. This included 23 Conservative MPs and 10 Liberal Democrats voting against the Government.”

“If this is the way that the Government tries to run parliament, they cannot be trusted anymore to run the country. It is important for the British people to see the Executive does not control the election of the independent representative of parliament, which is the Speakers role. “