Government’s Universal Credit cut will make 13,501 people in Walsall South worse off

Rt Hon Valerie Vaz MP opposes the Government’s plans to push families into further hardship during economic crisis

“On Monday, I voted to support 13,501 people in my constituency in our Opposition Day motion in the House of Commons demanding that the Government scraps its planned cut to Universal Credit.

“This cut will take £20 a week, or £1040 a year from 13,501 people in my constituency. This is equivalent to the cost of an average family’s annual electricity, gas and internet bills combined.

“Our motion is backed by the Child Poverty Action Group, who stated the £20 uplift is essential to ensure “low-income families with children receive the support they need”. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has also warned that the cut could see another 200,000 children pushed into poverty.

“12,944 people in Walsall North and 5,549 people in Aldridge-Brownhills will also suffer. Unfortunately, the MPs representing these constituencies did not vote for our motion, which would have prevented people in Walsall from sinking further into poverty. Only 6 Conservative MPs voted in support of our motion.

“Families in Walsall deserve support during this crisis, not cuts.”