Happy Birthday NHS: 65th Birthday

On July 5 1948 the NHS was founded by the Labour Government that recognised the need for a health service in Britain that was available to everyone. Valerie tabled an Early Day Motion celebrating the 65th anniversary of the NHS.

Valerie said:

“The creation of the NHS is one of this country’s proudest achievements. While it is right that we celebrate what is great about the NHS, we must also reflect on what must be done so we can celebrate future milestones by strengthening and protecting the NHS. As a member of the Health Select Committee I have seen first hand what the Government’s reorganisation of the NHS is doing to the quality of the healthcare service. All our reports and our enquiries can be found on the Health Select Committee website. Those who work in the health service have been part of its success.”

Valerie’s EDM 248: 65th Anniversary of the National Health Service:

“That this House celebrates the 65th anniversary of the National Health Service on 5 July 2013; notes the role Aneurin Bevan, Minister of Health in 1948, had in creating a healthcare system that reinforces the principle of health provision free at point of use; further notes the role of all doctors, nurses and other staff who work and have worked for the NHS during this time had in providing this unique healthcare system; and calls on the Government to protect this valued institution for future generations.”