Health and Care Bill, Lords Amendments

The House of Commons considered the Lords’ Amendments to the Health and Care Bill on 30 March 2022.

The Government motions were to disagree with the Lords Amendment in question. As such, an ‘Aye’ vote is to remove the amendment, and a ‘No’ vote is to retain the amendment.

LA 85 would regulate prices and profits in the tobacco industry. I voted against the motion, which passed, Ayes:275 and Noes: 183.

LA29 would place a duty on the Government to produce workforce plans for health and social care. It is highly important that we have sufficient staff to meet the country’s health and social care needs in the future. I voted against the motion, which passed, Ayes:249 and Noes:167.

LA 30 would remove provisions in the Bill for Ministers to be informed about and have a veto over every local NHS reconfiguration or change in service. Central government does not need further power in this area. Ayes:265 and Noes:156

LA 80 would remove the Government’s care cap structure. As it is currently designed this is not a fair way to fund social care. I voted against the motion, which passed, Ayes:247 and Noes:150.

LA 90 seeks to improve resolution of disputes in children’s palliative care.  I voted against the motion, which was passed, Ayes:259 and Noes:147.