Home Office Questions

Questions to the Home Secretary took place on Monday 6 February 2023 and I focussed on crime issues in Walsall.

“A man was stabbed to death outside ASDA in Walsall town centre. An 18-year old was stabbed to death on Cook Street, Darlaston. What discussions has the Home Secretary had with the new Chief Constable about the serious violent crime in Walsall?”

The Minister but did not address either the cases I raised nor whether she would contact the new Chief Constable to discuss the increase in serious violent crime.

In 2022 1,937 violence and sexual offences were recorded in the area around the town centre. There were 4,917 offences in the last 3 years total indicating a crime surge during 2022. More must be done by the partnerships to ensure people in Walsall can feel safe especially in the Town Centre.