Opposition debate on Homelessness

The follow motion was put to the House in a debate called by the Opposition on 14 December 2016:


That this House notes that homelessness is lower now than at its peak in 2003-04; further notes that England has a strong safety net, and that the provision of temporary accommodation means no family with a child ever has to be without a roof over their heads; notes that the Government is going further with legislative protection by supporting the hon. Member for Harrow East’s Homelessness Reduction Bill to ensure that everyone gets the help they need to prevent or relieve their homelessness; welcomes the Government’s protection of £315 million homelessness prevention funding for local authorities and £149 million in central funding; notes in particular the recently launched £50 million homelessness prevention programme, helping areas all over the country to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping; and notes that one of the best ways to tackle homelessness is by increasing the housing supply, which the measures contained in the forthcoming Housing White Paper will address.

Statutory Homelessness, is defined as an entitlement to housing yet without a home, has been on the rise since 2009/10, increasing by 44%, from 40,020 to 57,740.
The is particularly relevant to Walsall as there are 338 statutory homelessness cases and 2,213 ‘prevention and relief’ cases. ‘Prevention and relief’ is when a local authority has either stepped in to avoid homelessness from occurring, or dealt with consequences arising from homelessness on an individual or group. The number of rough sleepers was 7, although this figure is frequently much higher as it is difficult to determine a precise figure.

This Christmas 120,000 children will be homeless throughout the UK – the highest level recorded since 2007 and averaging out to four children every school.


The motion was lost by : Ayes: 230 Noes: 289