Illegal Migration Bill returns to the Commons

I voted against the Government’s Illegal Migration Bill on Monday 17 July. The Commons considered the Lords amendments to the Bill. There were nine amendments but all the Lords amendments were voted down. The votes were as follows:

 Lords amendments 1B, 7B and 90D disagreed to. Votes: 298 – 213

 Lords amendment 9B disagreed to.  Votes: 307 – 208

 Lords amendment 23B disagreed to. Votes:300 – 212

 Amendments 36A and 36B insisted upon, and Lords amendments 36C and 36D disagreed to. Votes: 289 – 220

 Lords amendment 33B disagreed to. Votes: 208-200

 Lords amendment 56B disagreed to. Votes: 282 – 227

 Lords amendment 102B disagreed to. Votes: 284 – 226

 Lords amendment 103B disagreed to. Votes: 297 – 214

 Lords amendments 107B and 107C disagreed to.  Votes: 292 – 215

I supported amendments to ensure the Bill is consistent with international law, to provide for the wellbeing of unaccompanied children, to protect LGBT asylum seekers, and to protect victims of trafficking. This legislation orders the Home Secretary to detain asylum seekers and it is not clear where. 

On 17 July 2023 the House of Lords considered the Commons amendments and did not send a message back to the Commons with amendments. The Illegal Migration Bill received Royal Assent on 20 July 2023. The legislation will “change the law so that those who arrive in the UK illegally will not be able to stay here and will instead be detained and then promptly removed, either to their home country or a safe third country” (