Individual registration now introduced.

Valerie is encouraging everyone to register to vote following the implementation of Individual Electoral Registration. For the first time it is now possible to register to vote online.

Valerie said:

“Individual Electoral Registration has now been introduced in the UK and it is crucial that people make sure they are registered to vote so they are not disenfranchised. There are already 6 million people in the UK who are not registered to vote. Only half of young people aged 19-24 are registered to vote compared with 94% of those aged 65 and over. Only 56% of people living in private rented homes are registered to vote compared with 88% of home owners.”

“I am concerned that sufficient measures have not been put in place to ensure that people already registered to vote remain on the Electoral Register. When Individual Electoral Registration was introduced in Northern Ireland in 2002, the number of people registered to vote dropped by 10.5%. I opposed Individual Electoral Registration when it was put before Parliament as I was concerned that it will result in fewer people being registered to vote.”

“The pilot of Individual Electoral Registration by the local Electoral Registration Officers last year showed that only 78% of people that are currently registered will be transferred to the new system. It would not be good for the democratic process if over a fifth of the electorate became disenfranchised overnight.”
“It is now possible to register online at I hope this will go some way towards mitigating the effects of Individual Electoral Registration. But there are further steps which Councils could take to make it easier for residents to register to vote, such as giving people the opportunity to register to vote when paying Council Tax”