Justice Questions

Criminal legal aid barristers are undertaking four weeks of strike action, arguing that cuts to the fees paid to barristers for legal aid work over many years are making it an unsustainable career path. At Justice Questions on Tuesday 5 July 2022 I asked what action the Justice Secretary is taking to resolve the dispute.

I asked: “What is the point of having a modernised courts system if we do not have the lawyers to go with it? On what date will the Minister meet members of the Criminal Bar Association to discuss pay and a modernised courts system?”

The Criminal Bar Association have called for a 25% increase in legal aid fees to make up for the years of cuts. The Government have said that any increase will not apply to the backlog of 58,000 cases in the Court system. 

Representation for those accused of crimes is fundamental to justice. The Government must meet with the CBA to find an acceptable settlement.