Justice Week 2020: Parliamentary Drop-in

Justice Week aims to boost the profile of justice and law in society, placing them at the centre stage of public and political debate. This year, Justice Week focused on helping to build young people’s understanding for the rule of law and increase their understanding of the relationship between their lives, Parliament, the government and the justice system.

Justice and the rule of law are facing major threats, from cuts to spending to attacks on the judiciary. This undermines our democracy. 

It’s essential for young people to: 

  • understand the importance of the justice system
  • value the rule of law
  • see justice and the rule of law as fundamental to our lives and freedoms

From schools to the media, our institutions still have work to do when it comes to scrutinising and promoting the world of law and making it easier to understand. Justice Week is a unique opportunity for organisations to highlight their work to promote the importance of the rule of law to young people. At a time of widespread discussion about citizens rights and obligations, the role of Parliament and the rule of law, Justice Week activities boost young people’s support and understanding of the justice system in England and Wales. 

I attended the Justice Week 2020 parliamentary drop-in to show my support for this initiative. I am photographed here with the Solicitor General Rt Hon Michael Ellis MP.