Meeting with Ambassadors from Palestine, Jordan and Qatar

On Wednesday 25 October 2023, the Palestinian Ambassador, Dr Husum Zomlot, briefed a cross party group of MPs, members of the British-Palestine APPG in Parliament. Dr Zomlot told the meeting of the difficulties the people were facing with a lack of food, water and fuel. He said people were being bombed as they queued for bread. He said that Hamas, who are a group, should not be conflated with the Palestinian people. He told the meeting that a woman gave birth to a baby as she was dying. They named him Naji which means ‘survivor’. 

He said the 3rd oldest church in the world has been bombed. He said people were drinking sea water as there was no fuel for desalination plants. There needs to  be an immediate ceasefire and unfettered access for humanitarian aid. In the end there has to be a political solution.

The Ambassador from Jordan thought we had to look beyond the short term and that the situation was at a crossroads. That the settlor activity had to be stopped and there had to be a strategy for the the future so that there would be peace and security for all.

The Ambassador for Qatar said they were continuing to have a dialogue with both parties. There needs to be international media and third parties allowed into Gaza.