Minister to meet with Valerie Vaz MP and Head Teacher of Joseph Leckie Academy

The Secretary of State for Education, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP  has agreed that a Minister will meet with Valerie Vaz MP and the Head Teacher of Joseph Leckie Academy to discuss its capital repairs following Valerie’s question on Monday 18 June 2012 at Education Questions in the Commons.


Valerie said:


“Joseph Leckie Academy was promised funds to help carry out urgent repairs as part of the Building Schools for the Future initiative under the previous Government. The Government cancelled this scheme before the school could benefit from it. The Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP), promises capital funding to schools in need of capital work, but the recently published list of schools to receive this money did not include Joseph Leckie Academy.


“This is the third time that the school has been refused funds for repairs. It also did not qualify for a share of the £276 million Academies Capital Maintenance Fund for 2012-13 which supports Academies with significant and urgent building condition needs.


“I am pleased that the Secretary of State has agreed that one of his Ministers meeting with the Head Teacher of Joseph Leckie Academy, Keith Whittlestone and me so the Minister can hear representations about the work that needs to be done to the School.”


You can read Valerie’s question and the Secretary of State’s answer here.