MPs’ Guide to Procedure launch event

I was delighted to join the chair of the Procedure Committee, Charles Walker, to say a few words at the launch event for the Guide to Procedure on Wednesday 9 January 2019.

In his introduction to the book, Mr Speaker thanked John Benger and Mark Hutton and Joanna Dodd – Joanna did a fantastic job of editing the book.

The publication, entitled the MPs’ Guide to Procedure, is a great first place to look for a better understanding of the workings of Parliament, not only for MPs and staff but also others who are interested in Parliamentary procedure.

The whole project was put together by the House staff: from the layout and design to the words and editing; page 332 lists everyone who helped either in writing or reviewing the book. The House of Commons is lucky to have such a wealth of talent; this is what the House should be known for, and in this new publication we see it at its best.

Just before Christmas, nearly 400 copies of the Guide were handed out: to 150 MPs and their staff, as well as to House staff, civil servants and journalists. Given the events earlier on in the day of the launch, a second edition may already be required.

This is a wonderful new resource since no member of parliament should feel they cannot know how to go about tabling a question, amending bills or holding adjournment debates. It’s now all there in the Guide.