Back British Faming Day

In celebration of Back British Farming Day on 2 November 2022, the National Farmers Union hosted a breakfast event on the Parliamentary Terrace. I attend the event to celebrate and promote the farmers and growers of Walsall South, where agricultural land makes up 19% of the constituency and there are 11 farms. At the event, I met NFU President Minette Batters to discuss the importance of the #BackBritishFarming campaign.

British Food and Farming contributes more than £127 billion to the British economy and is responsible for four million jobs. Furthermore, around 66% of farm businesses in England run other enterprises, such as farms, shops and wedding venues. The pandemic showed how important a resilient farming sector is and so it is crucial that we support our farmers, so that they can continue to uphold their high standards of quality, animal welfare and environmental protection.

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