Never on a Sunday – Valerie Campaigns against New Art Gallery Sunday and Bank Holiday Closures

Valerie has criticised the decision to close the New Art Gallery in Walsall on Sundays and Bank Holidays. The new opening arrangements which began on 3 April mean that the gallery is now closed at the only times when it is convenient to visit for many busy families.

Research carried out by Valerie has highlighted that whilst the majority of Council run museums and galleries in the West Midlands are open on Sundays, none are in Walsall.


Valerie has writen to Tracy Emin, whose work  “It’s what I’d Like to Be” is on display at the gallery, to express disapointment that many people will now be unable to view her work and the other amazing works of art in the Gallery on Sundays.


Valerie said:


“The New Art Gallery will now be closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. These are the only times when many people can visit, and are exactly the days when local families and visitors to Walsall can engage in cultural activities.”


“We want the Town Centre to be thriving, and we should be making the most of this valuable asset with its outstanding collection.  Culture Minister Ed Vaizey praised the New Art Gallery in his response to my debate on library services in Walsall South. He referred to its “superb collection‟ and defended Walsall as a place which “takes its culture very seriously‟. But by reducing access to such cultural treasures as the New Art Gallery, Walsall MBC is making a mockery of its commitment to culture. I have written to the Minister, Ed Vaizey MP about this matter.”


In his reply the Minister said he is unable to intervene.   Valerie said: “the issue is not over and I am  determined to pursue alternative sources of funding so that the Gallery can open at a time that suits people”.