Singing for Jo Cox

I was one of a group of MPs from across the parties who took part in the recording of a unique single initiated by parliamentary rock band MP4 as a tribute to the late MP Jo Cox. The project brought many people together and reflects Jo’s belief that more unites us than separates us.


Distinguished producer Robin Millar, who has worked with countless artists including Sade, Big Country and Everything But The Girl produced the single. Under the name Friends of Jo Cox featuring MP4, Steve Harley, Ricky Wilson, KT Tunstall and David Gray, the single is available on iTunes, and can also be streamed on Spotify.


I encourage everyone to buy the single as sales from the song, a cover of the Rolling Stones Classic ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ will raise funds for the launch of Jo Cox Foundation established after her death. The Foundation aims to support the causes that Jo cared most about, such as the Syrian volunteer rescue group the ‘White Helmets’, and keeps her memory alive.”


The link to the song can be found here:


Valerie Vaz MP