Opportunities for schools to engage in Parliament

I am delighted that between September 2017 and August 2018 247 students participated in the Education Visits Programme from the following Walsall South schools: Abu Bakr Girls, Barr Beacon, Delves Infant, Grace Academy Darlaston, Joseph Leckie Academy, Moorcroft Wood Primary, Palfrey Infant, West Walsall E-ACT, Whitehall Nursery and Infant School. I met with a number of the students for Q&A sessions at Parliament’s Education Service. 

During this period, 39 teachers from Walsall South participated in teacher training events at Parliament. 

The Education and Engagement Team at UK Parliament offer a year-round programme of events for schools and teachers including visits to Westminster, school-based workshops and teacher training, education projects and active learning competitions.

The events inform, engage and empower young people to understand and get involved in the work of Parliament, politics and democracy.

In total, over the last academic year Parliament has welcomed 72,261 students from 2,316 schools through its education programmes and the Education and Outreach Team engaged with 71,314 students in 631 schools.

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