Opposition Day Debate: Triple-lock and the Home Secretary’s Conduct

HM Opposition debated two motions on 8 November 2022. 

The first motion set out that “this House calls on the Government to commit to maintaining the state pension triple lock in financial year 2023-24 as promised in the Conservative and Unionist Party manifesto 2019.”.

Pensioners deserve to know that their pensions have inflation-proofing protection. This is especially important at a time where pensioner poverty is up by 450,000 since 2010. I voted to support the motion, which was passed, Ayes: 218, Noes: 0.

The second motion related to the conduct of the Home Secretary. The motion would have ordered that the Cabinet Office’s risk assessment of the Home Secretary’s appointment, any documents relating to security breaches by the Home Secretary, minutes and submissions of the meetings related to her appointment and advice received in relation to her appointment, all be placed before the house. I voted to support the motion, which did not pass, Ayes: 208, Noes: 300.