Opposition Day Debates: Mortgages and Rental Costs, and Repurposing Russian Assets

I was unable to attend Parliament owing to other Parliamentary business. HM Opposition held an Opposition Day debate (allotted day 19) on Tuesday 27 June 2023 and put forward two motions: ‘Mortgage and Rental Costs’ and ‘Repurposing Russian Assets to Rebuild Ukraine’. On Mortgage and Rental Costs the shadow Chancellor moved the motion that “this House is extremely concerned that, under this Conservative Government, average mortgage costs will be increasing by £2,900 per year, with a typical household in the UK paying over £2,000 more per year than in France and over £1,000 more than in Ireland and Belgium, and that renters face huge increases in rent payments; condemns the Government for its slowness in acting to support millions of homeowners and renters and so alleviate the impact of its policies; calls on the Government to bring in mandatory measures, as the current voluntary measures could lead to around one million homeowners missing out on support, and to immediately adopt measures to ease the mortgage crisis and halt repossessions by guaranteeing support from lenders for struggling mortgage borrowers and strengthening the rights of renters; in particular calls on the Government to require lenders to allow borrowers to switch to interest-only mortgage payments for a temporary period, to lengthen the term of their mortgage period, to reverse any support measures when requested and to make mandatory repossession restrictions; and further calls on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to instruct the Financial Conduct Authority to urgently issue guidance that the credit score of borrowers should be unaffected by any temporary switches to interest-only mortgage payments or lengthening of their mortgage period and to introduce a renters’ charter that would end no-fault evictions immediately”. The motion was rejected by Government MPs.

On Repurposing Russian Assets to Rebuild Ukraine the Labour Member for Tottenham, Mr David Lammy, moved the motion that “this House condemns Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine; stands in solidarity with Ukrainians in their resistance to Russia’s invasion of their sovereign state; recognises the enormous damage that Russia’s invasion has caused to Ukraine’s infrastructure, economy and institutions; commends the recent commitments made by the Government to support Ukraine’s recovery during the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2023; and calls on the Government to present a Bill before this House within 90 days to allow frozen Russian state assets held in the UK to be repurposed for Ukraine’s recovery”. The House endorsed this motion, and the Question was put and agreed to as resolved.