Opposition Day Motions the Conservatives have been defeated on

In the past two months, the Conservative government have been defeated 6 times by Labour’s Opposition Day Motions.

Valerie said:

“On 13 September 2017 Labour’s motions against a rise in tuition fees and for increasing NHS Pay both passed without a vote in the House of Commons.”

“An Opposition Day Motion on Universal Credits came to a vote on 18 October 2017. This vote passed 299-0, as the Conservatives abstained.”

“On 25 October 2017, two Opposition Day motions from Labour on Social Care and Supported Housing also passed without a vote.”

“These were followed last Wednesday when Labour successfully passed a motion called on the Government to release the Brexit Economic Impact Studies.”

“These are all important issues which the Government is ignoring and proceeding to go against the will of the House of Commons.”