Palmyra in Trafalgar Square

On 21 April 2016, I visited the replica of an ancient triumphal arch of Palmyra which was unveiled on Tuesday 19 April 2016 at Trafalgar Square as part of World Heritage Week. The arch was built by the Institute of Digital Archaeology using 3D technology. Up close, it is an impressive feat of technology. The Arch will be travelling around to other cities and will be in New York in September 2016. The ancient site of Palmyra was destroyed by Daesh in October 2015.


The Institute of Digital Archaeology have undertaken a great achievement showing how digital technology can be used to preserve monuments of Palmyra in defiance of ideologies that seek to obliterate history. This is a showcase of British innovation and skills. I endorse the words of Roger Michel the Executive Director of the IDA.


“We view the work of reconstruction as an important gesture of friendship and solidarity with people in the conflict regions – people with whom we share a common history, a history that is represented by the very artifacts and monuments we seek to protect and preserve” – Roger Michel, Executive Director, IDA


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