Petition to keep DVLA services at Post Offices

I presented a petition in the House on Wednesday, 25 October 2023 about the change in DVLA services that can be found at Post Offices. I said: 

“This is a petition of the residents of the United Kingdom who are concerned that post offices will no longer provide customers with access to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency services. The petitioners say that post offices are vital in accessing DVLA services and provide a service to 6 million people. Senior citizens rely on post offices to renew their licences, which have to be renewed every three years after the age of 70, and citizens who are unable to use the internet require help and advice from post office staff when completing DVLA applications. The petitioners say that many post offices providing this service may risk closure if customers are not able to renew licences or vehicle tax.

The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urge the Government to recognise the importance of DVLA services remaining accessible from post offices, and to renew the contract with Post Office Ltd so that customers have a choice of in-person or online renewal.”

The petition is now forwarded to the ‘Department for Business and Trade’ (DBT) for their initial consideration. If the petition falls within their remit the associated observation will be tabled in their name. In accordance with the resolution of the House on 25 October 2007:

  • “substantive petitions should normally receive a response from the relevant government department”, and this should normally be within two months of the petition being presented.
  • Petitions and observations on petitions from Government Departments will be printed in Hansard. Petitions will appear on the day they are presented. Observations will be printed, along with a copy of the petition they relate to, as soon as possible after they are received.

Post Offices in Walsall South risk being forced to close down if DVLA does not renew its contract to enable Post Offices to provide this service. Many elderly residents, people with no access or who are unable to use the internet, or just anyone who needs help and advice from Post Office staff, rely on being able to use this service at Post Offices.