Police Conduct and David Carrick

The Secretary of State for the Home Department made a statement on misconduct and vetting in the Metropolitan Police Service following the horrific David Carrick case. 

David Carrick pleaded guilty on Monday 16 January to 49 charges against 12 women spanning from 2003 to 2020. It made him one of the worst sexual attackers in recent times. The crimes included 48 rapes as well as his locking victims in a tiny cupboard. He used his status as a Met officer to facilitate his crimes. Carrick was formally sacked by the Met on Tuesday 17 January after a special hearing.

I asked a question to the Minister:

‘Who will be conducting the internal review, when will it report, and will the Home Secretary ensure that previous Metropolitan Police Commissioners will also give evidence to it?’

The Minister responded: 

‘The review will be carried out in a comprehensive and extensive way to command confidence among police officers, members of the public and other stakeholders. I want it to report swiftly. I am wary of having more reviews, reports and inquiries; we need action. My impression is that there is a real problem with the process. I need to identify exactly what needs fixing and thereafter we can take swift action.’